Moo, Chew & Poo

At Yeo Valley, we get a lot of people asking us ‘Can we come and see the cows?’, ‘Can we come and see the yogurt being made?’ and people generally wanting to know what goes on behind the scenes. Well, although we can’t allow anyone in to the dairy to see the yogurt being made (for reason’s concerning health and safety), we can now offer you the next best thing.

Our Moo, Chew & Poo days give people an insight to all the going’s on behind Yeo Valley’s farm doors – the farm (moo), the food (chew) and the garden (poo – compost related!)._DSC7640

In the morning, you will meet at the Garden Café at Yeo Valley Organic Garden, greeted by tea, coffee, freshly baked biscuits and an introduction to your day at Yeo. You will then be led out into our garden with James, head gardener and all round green fingered guru.

James will show you around the 6.5 acres of diverse garden whilst giving insight on what it’s like to maintain such a large garden organically. This will include being shown around the impressive compost yard and all the methods used to keep a closed circuit, so nothing is needed to be bought in. This is the time to ask any of those gardening queries – we challenge you to ask something James can’t answer!


Once you have had a wander around the garden, you’ll head back to the Garden Café where one of our chefs will meet you. They will give you a cooking demonstration, which might include things like pesto making, butter making or how to make our famous sourdough bread as well as delicious seasonal dishes that we cook up at our staff canteen. Recipe cards will be available so you can go home and try out what you’ve learnt. Again, questions are encouraged, these guys know their stuff!

After the demo, lunch is served – made by our team of chefs, using local, organic and seasonal produce.Unknown

Following all this fantastic foodie-ness, you’ll head back out for some fresh air where Garth (Managing Director of Holt Farms) will give you a tour of the farm and tell the story behind Yeo Valley.  He will show you around the farm and you will get to meet our wonderful herd of award-winning British Friesians.

To finish of your day in the valley you will return to the Garden Café for tea and yummy cake.

The only date still available at the moment is 12th August, so if this day sounds up your street, please contact Jill on 01761 461425 or email soon to secure a place!

Looking forward to seeing you…

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