#RoastDinnerDay – Our Favourite Kind Of Day!

Is there anything better than a Roast?  Be it your mum’s or Chef Paul Collins’, I’m not sure you can beat it.  It’s no surprise that it was voted the Nation’s second favourite food, second only to Fish and Chips, which are what Fishy Fridays are for!




This year #RoastDinnerDay lands slap bang on one of our famous Roast Wednesdays – (I would love to meet the people who create all these food related days, we would definitely be friends) – To commemorate this awesome day we thought we would ask the Canteen’s, Paul Collins for his tips and tricks to the perfect Roast.

(My mouth is already watering and I haven’t even started writing the tips)

Potatoes –

Boil your potatoes, I quote, ‘to the point where you get scared’ as this will make them nice and fluffy. To get a crispy crust use floury potatoes like Maris Pipers, heat some duck fat in a tray and make sure the potatoes are nicely coated.   Olive oil works fine as well if you’re a veggie.

Beef –

To get the perfectly cooked Roast Beef, we cook our joints until they’re 56 degrees in the centre (if you prefer rare).  Cook your beef on a bed of chopped up vegetables – carrots, onions, garlic etc and a sprig of thyme.  This will form the base of your gravy.   Very importantly your beef needs to rest rest rest for AT LEAST 20 minutes.  This gives you chance to get on with the gravy…

Gravy –

Pour away the excess fat from your tray so that you are just left with the vegetables.  Add a teaspoon of tomato puree and some good beef stock then simmer it down until it is your preferred consistency and strain.  We don’t put flour in our gravy so hooray for all you gluten free-ers!

Yorkshire pudding –

The trick to a proper Yorkie is equal volumes of everything – So mix together a cup of plain flour, a cup of egg and a cup of milk. Put a tablespoon of light oil, like sunflower, into each hole of a ‘patty tin’ (after much deliberation and calling it a muffin tin/yorkie tin, we discovered patty tin was the correct term) and put into the oven to heat up. Once hot, pour in the mixture and cook for 18 minutes at 180c.

Horseradish –

Simply mix a tablespoon of freshly grated horseradish with a tub of Yeo Valley Crème Fraiche and a pinch of salt.  If it blows your head off simply add more crème fraiche!


Happy roasting, and let us know how you get on!

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