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Just look at how talented Yeo staff are! Our very own Charlotte Harding (Assistant to the Joint Managing Director here at Yeo Valley) and her dog Scandal have only gone and won the Crufts 2015 Agility Championships! Charlotte and Scandal travelled up to Birmingham last weekend to compete at her 15th Crufts. They won all three singles rounds on Friday, going on to win the Championship final on Sunday! Not too shabby… Although Charlotte has been a Crufts competitor since 2001, Scandal’s first entry was in 2013, the same year that her mum won the Agility Championships.

We caught up with Charlotte to ask all things doggy!

How did you and Scandal celebrate after the big win?

I celebrated with a bottle of fizz that I was given from our sponsor– Scandal celebrated with some lovely turkey necks and organic chicken hearts

How did you get into agility?

I saw it on the TV when I was 10 and knew I wanted to do it! I got my first collie in 1999 and qualified for my first Crufts in 2001.Charlotte Harding and Scandal winning crufts agility finals

Do you/will you breed from Scandal?

We bred from her two years ago but won’t be doing it again – too stressful!

Does Scandal have a special diet?

Yes – she is sponsored by Natural Instinct (Raw dog food company) so is only given raw meat and vegetables. She is also given turmeric (an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant) mixed with organic coconut oil, black pepper and of course a spoonful of Yeo Valley Natural Yogurt twice a week! She’s very spoilt!

What kind of training does Scandal have?

Apart from the obvious, she regularly goes to a veterinary specialist in Cardiff, called The Smart Clinic, where she is given acupuncture, massages and is put on a water treadmill. These are all key for her agility-specific fitness.

Do you have to train yourself?

Yes – I have to maintain basic fitness levels. I also have to keep up my mental strength, so I visit a sports psychologist. This helps me cope with things like focus, pressure and dealing with large audiences.

Did you meet Pudsey?!

Yes! We’re good friends with Ashleigh and Pudsey!Charlotte and Scandal

Do you use verbal or physical commands when competing?

Both – However it has been proven that dogs respond much better to physical cues.

Will you and Scandal have a break now?

No! We’re building up to the World Championship Qualifiers in April, and then the World Championships in October – in Italy! No time for a break yet! However, Scandal will get a two month break in October.

Click here to see a clip of Charlotte and Scandal competing…

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