Hannah Keel

One of the first friendly faces you’ll meet when you pop over to Yeo Valley Venues for a meeting/ tour is Hannah. A peanut butter fanatic that can pull out some pretty sweet air guitar moves, our Hannah can provide you with all of the details you’ll ever wish to know about the venues here at Yeo Valley. Need to book a date? She’s your lady (if you bring her a jar of Nutella, she might give you a really good deal!).

What do you do at Yeo Valley?
Meetings and Greetings…..all things bookings.

What’s the best bit about your journey to work?
Driving my new car!

Favourite thing about working at Yeo Valley?
Working with great colleagues and enjoying the perks of the fab Yeo Valley Canteen.

Favourite food at Yeo Valley Canteen?
Fish and chips on a Friday

Guilty pleasure?
Peanut butter and Nutella on top of Ice cream!!

First record/CD purchased?
East 17

Trademark/favourite dance move?
Air guitar

Favourite 80’s film?
Dirty Dancing

Most likely to say?
When frustrated I’m prone to random outbursts of the word ‘NIPS!’

Favourite tipple?
G & T

Fantasy yogurt flavour
Nutella and peanut butter!!!!!!!

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Nicole Kidman

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