Paul Collins

Spotted a mover and shaker in the kitchen hopping about to Madness? That’s our Paul! Not to be confused with lead vocalist for the rock group Genesis, Paul Collins is our executive chef at Yeo Valley Venues and the Willy Wonka to our Yeo Valley Canteen. Sourcing the best from the West and all things delightfully organic, Paul inspires and creates the wonderful dishes that are freshly produced everyday.

What do you do at Yeo Valley?
I have been involved with Yeo Valley for 4 years now on and off, but have now spent the last year working towards opening Yeo Valley Canteen so I have now joined full time

What’s the best bit about your journey to work?
Thinking about the day ahead and seeing the sun rise over the Mendips

Favourite thing about working at Yeo Valley?
The fact that we are so in touch with our products and suppliers for the food we serve at Yeo Valley Canteen

Favourite food at Yeo Valley Canteen?
Too many to name but I do love our sourdough, our beef, our freshly picked salads and herbs

Guilty pleasure?
Walnut Whips

First record/CD purchased?
Our House, Picture disc, Madness

Trademark/favourite dance move?
Trying to emulate any of the dancing by the Madness lot!

Favourite 80’s film?

Most likely to say?
What’s the margin on that?

Favourite tipple?
Tuscan Red Wines

Fantasy yogurt flavour

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Samuel L Jackson, he is a cool mofo!

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